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Your need to learn to cross your eyes to view these images. This link to another web site provides instructions to view the cross-view 3D (stereo) images. When you click on the link a new window will open. To return to this page close that window.

CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 74CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 043CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 046CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 053CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 070CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 071CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 087CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 88CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 092CrossView3D_2009-1031_IMG - 098

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